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​​The ascension pathway can be likened to a spiral that appears to go inwards as we explore the truth of who we are while at the same time spiralling outwards as we expand consciousness and awareness of the vastness of the universe and how we are part of this expansion of spirit.


It is a path of growth, but also one of letting go.

When we are ready, we let go of the need for answers outside of ourselves,

we let go of the labels that restricts our view of ourselves.

This is a journey to remember who you are and why you are here. 

At this time there is a quickening as wave after wave of souls

are reaching a certain level of awakening

as it nudges the soul to move into growth.

If this is resisted your soul will try to wake you up by manifesting

greater challenges to try to break through your resistance.

However once resistance is released it allows your path to be revealed

with much more synchronicity  and ease.


I am here to assist souls reach their full potential as gracefully and harmoniously as possible  

I combine Spiritual Counselling, to help you understand.

Healing to help you integrate the wisdom of your soul..

And energy clearings and activations

which facilitates shifts in consciousness and expands awareness

while aligning you to your highest calling

on your path of ascension


Karen Sophia Peck


Ascension guide,

 Healer for the healers.

 Midwife for the soul.


I work with 

 star-seeds, lightworkers, walk - in souls,

 sensitives and visionaries of the world.


 My services exist to make your life better as I offer a safe place for you to discover your light and be your authentic self.


All the modalities I offer will assist you in this process

​​This is a journey into the deepest mystery of what is my Purpose for being here?

This path is about connecting to the essence of who we are

which takes us to the truth which is very simple.

Spirituality is about connection.

Connecting to the deepest parts of who you are.

Connecting to the people you love and care about in a meaningful way.

Connecting to the energies of nature and

the energies of the unseen realms.

Connecting to your highest aspects which bring you closest

to your Divine Essence and to Creator God.


Soul spectrum healing is for anyone looking for that deep connection to life.


It provides tools and support for those looking for deep lasting change using the quantumn principles of energy and alchemy to clear unconscious patterns and blocks to freedom.

The people who are attracted to this style of healing want more than

the traditional style of personal development.

You may have tried many approaches to finding wholeness in yourself but somehow it has still left you searching for a different way to change repeating negative patterns in your life.


"Destiny is granted with compassion.There is a time to prepare for knowledge. A time to receive it. A time to live it."     Sufi Teaching


In our quest for expansion we go through the following stages:-

  • Searching for the answers to life’s mysteries outside of ourselves.

  • Knowing the answers.

  • Going within and embodying and fulfilling the answer to the question Who AM I?

Soul Spectrum Healing offers a bridge for you, as you reach the stage of embodiment which is where many people get stuck.

The services I offer allow you to move from the head to the heart.

They will assit you in accellerating your growth.

We do this together in a co-creative way using energy tools to clear the blocks to rememebering your truth and your deepest soul wisdom.

You will create a deeper connection to your Higher Self and a deeper connection to your personal guides.


Soul Spectrum Healing serves to help you to remember why you are here.

To remeber your Soul 's Destiny

And then embody and live that destiny.

When you are ready you will fully embody your soul's light

and in doing so activate your full potential as a divine human.

I am here to help accelerate that process and avoid the pitfalls along the way.

All the services I offer will expand consciousness and raise your frequency to create a better, happier life for yourself and your loved ones

  • ​​I offer you structure and support to enable you to  integrate body and mind with your soul's calling as  you align to your destiny pathway.

  • I use effective energetic tools and protocols to accelerate your growth inconsciousness by clearing outdated vows and promises and all blocks to reconnecting to the essence of your soul.

  • I will hold space for you to transform, as I show you how to let go of ideas and beliefs that are holding you back from getting to where you want to be.​

  • I will support you on a journey of discovery, as you find out who you truly are, at the core of your being.

  • I will help you nurture your dreams at whatever stage you are at.​

  • You will deepen your self-belief as you take the steps to achieving your ideal life.

  • You will grow into your dreams at a pace that suits you, bit by bit, so it feels safe for you to expand.

  • We will release any distortions in your fields that are blocking your ascension with energetic clearings, from the level of the soul to the physical level, clearing your bio energy field to allow you to connect with your Divine or Higher Self.

  • This pathway requires a releasing of all that does not serve you. I offer you support as you go through the process which can often feel very isolating when done alone.


When you are in alignment everything becomes easier. Life falls into place and your greater purpose becomes clearer. You will learn and appreciate how your challenges are bringing you your greatest gifts for your inner transformation. 


A good place to start is with a

Soul Contract Reading.

This will give you much clarity and conformation on how the patterns in your life help your soul have the experiences needed for growth. Once you have seen the roadmap for your life everything starts to make more sense.


If you have particular issues you would like to address then

Divine Healing can shift those issues.


If you are ready for a quantumn leap in consciousness

LightBody Activations and Clearings  is the place to start.

As you raise your frequency and level of consciousness you will come into alignment with the essence of your Soul's radiance which creates situations where you can't help but attract more grace and harmony into your life.


This is powerful work, if you choose to work with me I intend that you will expand consciousness, align with your destiny and truly believe in yourself. I hold space for this transformation and I will fully support you in the best way I can.


Ultimately this is about self empowerment, so it requires a commitment from you to acheive what lies hidden within you waiting to be revealed. Even if your dreams may seem like the impossible for you at this time, just know you do not have to be perfect to activate your souls potential for this lifetime.


All it takes is a willingness to follow your heart.


If you have a desire to release all the blocks holding you back,

and feel you would benefit from clarity and support,

in allowing your life to unfold in the most graceful way possible.

Let's connect so we can start the magic

of unfolding your highest calling for this life.

Hand Touching Water
Wellness Coach

Light Body

Lightbody integration and clearing sessions create very powerful shifts in consciousness.


These sessions allow a much smoother graceful pathway for your organic ascension process as it upgrades the physical body so you can be open to receive more light. 

Your Soul Contract

Did you know that before you incarnated your soul created a blueprint for your life called a Soul Contract?


This is creates a roadmap to help us acheive a life of fulfillment and purpose and helps us to see that there is divine intelligence at play and a divine plan waiting to be activated.

Divine Healing

A Divine Healing session enables  the clearing of core patterns of limitation which allows greater flow and harmony across mind, body and spirit to create greater health, connection and wellbeing.  This is holistic healing which will identify and free you from the limitations you have aquired over many lifetimes in the most graceful easy way possible.



Karen Sophia Peck is a highly evolved being and a talented healer.  She creates a safe space that allows for deep surrender and risk taking.  She has a healing team of advanced beings and spirit guides who help her to achieve amazing outcomes.  She tunes into Divine Guidance which leads to amazing healing results.  For me, she released trauma in my lungs caused by the grief of losing everyone that I cared about early in my life.  My lungs lit up with light as the pain released.  You are not likely to find a more talented healer than Karen.  She has unique abilities.  I was blessed to have a chance to work with her.

Shalomar USA


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