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Are you ready to live a life that aligns you fully to your Soul's mission ?


Welcome home to the heart and soul of who you are which is your true essence.


It is time for you to shine your light and live an extraordinary life fulfilling your divine purpose.
We no longer need to restrict ourselves to feel safe. Playing safe and small is no longer an option.

In this lifetime you are here to shine. 

You are here to remember the simple truth of who you are.

It is time for you to join the growing numbers of souls waking up to living a magical life and fulfilling their dreams.


You are here to fulfill a promise you made long ago to make a difference.

You are here to live your full potential and discover your destiny


My name is Karen Sophia Peck


 I AM an energy practitioner.

I AM a healer for the healers.

I AM a midwife for the soul.

I aim to assist you in  birthing your soul's vision and destiny.

I support people who are ready to reach their full potential.

If you choose to work with me I intend that you will expand consciousness.

Align with your destiny and truly belief in yourself.

I work with startseeds, lightworkers,

walk - in souls, 

the visionaries of the world.

I offer a safe place for you to reveal your light,

All the modalities I offer will assist you in this process.

My services exist to make your life better.

Where ever you are on your path of inner discovery there is always more to be revealed in a wonderful expansion of light.

This is not about becoming more spiritual for you are already spiritual. A spiritual being having a human experience. This is about aligning your human expression to your divinity and purpose. When you are aligned to your divine destiny your light radiates out into the world.

It is about being your authentic self, and spreading your own brand of love.


Your soul holds this light and the answers you are looking for lie within.


Your soul or divine destiny is unique to you. Each of you contains a different blend of light depending on your soul lineage and what qualities you have contracted to bring to this lifetime.

Your soul destiny is within you and will be activated and come on line once you have balanced enough of your karma, integrated non physical aspects of yourself and found the courage to override fears and doubts. 

Just know you do not have to be perfect to activate your mission. All it takes is a willingness to follow your heart.


If you have an expanded vision for your life and would benefit from clarity and support in allowing this vision to unfold. 

You have a desire to release all the blocks holding you back.

Please contact me.

The first step is to either book your first session or to connect with me on a free zoom call.

If you like the sound of what I have to offer then we can start the magic of unfolding your highest calling for this life.


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Wellness Coach

Light Body

Lightbody integration and clearing sessions create very powerful shifts in consciousness.


These sessions allow a much smoother graceful pathway for your organic ascension process as it upgrades the physical body so you can be open to receive more light. 

Your Soul Contract

Did you know that before you incarnated your soul created a blueprint for your life called a Soul Contract? 

It reveals the essence of your Soul's Destiny.

A Soul Contract reading gives clarity on your Soul's mission.It reveals your challenges, talents and goals which  create your purpose for this lifetime. 

Divine Healing

A Divine Healing session enables  the clearing of core patterns of limitation which allows greater flow and harmony across mind, body and spirit to create greater health, connection and wellbeing.  This is holistic healing which will identify and free you from the limitations you have aquired over many lifetimes in the most graceful easy way possible.



Our sessions will always stay with me.

Your kindness and grace encouraged me to visit and heal some difficult memories.

We broke bonds, cut cords and visited several past lives.

I really have had the best spiritual experience with you Karen.
I am so grateful for the safe space that you held for me to explore the deepest forest within,

and with your wisdom and knowing  you helped to decode my visions

Linda UK


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