Are you content with your life or do you feel a stirring within to search for more meaning ?

No matter where you are on your path of inner discovery there is always more to be revealed, in a wonderful expansion of light. Your soul holds this light and the answers you are looking for lie within.


The purpose for your life and your destiny can be said to be the same thing. Or are they? You are here to experience a growth in consciousness through your life's experiences. Your purpose is to integrate these experiences into your body, mind and spirit. Everyone is here with this common purpose although many at this time are unaware of this.


Your soul or divine destiny is unique to you and consists of qualities to embody through your passion and how you express that out into the world.


Life holds much magic and mystery and wanting to know more often prompts the need to search for the meaning of life. Most start by looking outside of themselves for the answers but, soon realise what they are looking for is intangible, and realise the magic lies within. 


Despite a willingness to find these answers within sometimes we need a little help. It is often the case that we get stuck believing that we receive the answers through the mind. However the mind is limited to what it already knows and the answers lie within the infinte nature of the heart.

Each one of you contains a different blend of light depending on your soul lineage and what qualities you have contracted to bring to this lifetime. Your soul destiny will be within you and will come on line once you have balanced enough of your karma, integrated non physical aspects of yourself and found the courage to override fears and doubts. All the modalities I offer will assist you in this process. Just know you do not have to be perfect to activate your mission, all it takes is a willingness to follow your heart.


My name is Karen Sophia Peck. Part of my soul's mission is to help people like you discover your Soul's destiny.

Fire up your mission and  assist you to elevate your consciousness to the next level.


I offer a safe place for you to reveal your light, help you remember who you are at your deepest level and let your soul shine. This when your Divine Destiny will unfold.


Hand Touching Water
Wellness Coach

Light Body

Lightbody integration and clearing sessions create very powerful shifts for those of you who are willing to commit fully to your path of service and in doing so move towards the union of body and soul along the path of ascension.

This process allows for a much smoother graceful pathway for your organic ascension process as it upgrades the physical body so you can be open to receive more light. 

Your Soul Contract

Did you know that before you incarnated your soul created a blueprint for your life called a Soul Contract? This is a plan that outlines the themes for your life. It reveals the essence of your Soul's Destiny and how to access it.

Once revealed through a Soul Contract reading you will be shown how you have goals,talents and challenges which create your purpose for this lifetime. 

Divine Healing

Are you ready to heal deeply, completely and easily? 

A Divine Healing session enables  the clearing of core patterns of limitation which allows greater flow and balance across mind, body and spirit to create greater health, connection and wellbeing. 

It incorporates spiritual counselling to help you understand and integrate the information that comes to light as the unconscious becomes conscious and obsolete patterns are released.



Our sessions will always stay with me.

Your kindness and grace encouraged me to visit and heal some difficult memories.

We broke bonds, cut cords and visited several past lives.

I really have had the best spiritual experience with you Karen.
I am so grateful for the safe space that you held for me to explore the deepest forest within,

and with your wisdom and knowing  you helped to decode my visions

Linda UK

Who I AM


I AM a healer for the healers.

The visionarys of the world.

A midwife for the soul to allow you to birth your soul's vision and destiny.

I support people who are ready to reach their full potential.

I intend that you will expand consciousness.

Align with your destiny.

And truly belief in yourself


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