My name is Karen Sophia Peck

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Who I AM

I am a teacher, healer, empath and energy practitioner.

My soul destiny is to serve as a channel and bring through high levels of truth. I am here to serve and to become a catalyst for change in others while providing a safe space for change to occur.I am also a a walk -in and part of my work is to assist

walk -ins to intergrate their experiences so they can come on line and fulfill their soul mission. 


I have always been very sensitive which in my early years was seen to be a disadvantage as I struggled to fit in. I found people very complicated as I was able to read their energy and feel into them and so could see their masks and social graces which left me feeling disillusioned. I was a bit of a loner and didn't have many friends. I found animals less complicated and they provided me with friendship and consistency we all need to thrive.

I chose an interesting life living in a foreign country with a very different culture, and enlightened parents who chose travel as a way to educate my sisters and I, so was fortunate to travel around the world at a very young age. When my family settled back in the UK I found it difficult to adjust and found my escape in dance. This took me away from home at 16 years old to train as a classical ballet dancer. However it was a harsh training and again I didn't really fit in even though I tried. My early life was on the surface very charmed but underneath I struggled. I now see these challenges as gifts for I now have huge compassion for people who struggle in this sometimes harsh world. I began my conscious path of spiritual and self development in my early 20's which I believe saved me from a very unhappy life. Now 40 years on I use my experiences to help others find inner peace and lasting contentment and during  this time I developed the skills, resilience and ability to hold space for those seeking healing and wholeness with great love and compassion.

My life has given me many opportunities for growth. I have been a professional dancer and then actress. I then re-trained as a pet behaviour counsellor where for 20 years I helped owners and their dogs lead happier lives together. Now I incorpotate my spiritual counselling training with all the energy modalities I use in my work.

I feel very blessed to be able to share with with my clients all the healing modalities that have brought me this far, as well as the tools I use to integrate my walk- in soul. I now know I am here in service and I now serve to assist you in your personal growth.


In this way I believe we all grow together.

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I am where I am now as a result of some amazing teachers and training which include :-

Spiritual Counselling Diploma: Holistic Healing College - Blue Marsden

Soul Plan Reader Certificate: Holistic Healing College

Divine Healing Master Keys Level 5 - Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire- Centre of Love and Enlightenment

Lotus Surgeon Light body Training - Dr Almeirah Ariel Hallaire Centre of Love and Enlightenment

Soul Transformation Therapy - Blue Marsden Holistic Healing College

Advanced Hypnotherapy - Blue Marsden  Holistic Healing College

Priestess and High Priestess Training - Way of the Rose

Bio Energy Transmitter - Institute of Divine Potential

Divine Keys Group Facilitator - Institute Of Divine Potential

Mindfulness and Meditation Instructors Training - Daizan Julian Skinner Zenways

Tai Chi Qigong Instructor - Holistic Healing College

Psychic Development and Mediumship - Angela Watkins College of Psychic Studies London

Higher Diploma in Pet Behaviour Counselling: COAPE


My vision is where  

Anima Mundi - the Soul of the World is held in reverence and deep respect.

Where all sentient beings living on Gaia are allowed to live their lives in peace and harmony.

Where all are taught Spirtual Laws which respects everyone's unique contribution to society.

Where everyone has the right to be

Sovereign, Whole and Free

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