My Story


My awakening began during my 20's and  has always been characterised by a steady consistency as I have dedicated myself to and developed my spiritual practice. This has built a stong foundation for what I do now, which is to

accelerate the growth in consciousness for those that have been following their soul's calling for many years and want to take this to the next level. 

And also for the newly awakened who may need clarity and direction on their path of awakening.


I have developed the skills, resilience and ability to hold space for those seeking healing and wholeness. I share with you all the steps that have brought me this far. I now serve to assist you in your personal growth. In this way we all grow together. My role is to support you as you come fully online with your unique gifts as you uncover the light of your soul  which are very much needed in this time of great expansion.

I specialise in assisiting walk in souls.

dandelion flower in young woman's hands at sunset or sunrise light, sea water landscape, s


My mission and purpose is to hold the fort and create a safe space for you to uncover your true purpose and expand  into  soul mastery.

I am here to support anyone who is willing to commit to their growth and so support the ascension of our planet and all of creation as together we bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth


My vision is where  Anima Mundi - the Soul of the World is held in reverence and deep respect. Where all sentient beings living on Gaia are allowed to live their lives in peace and harmony. Where all are taught Spirtual Laws under the Law of One, which respects everyone's unique contribution to society.

Where everyone has the right to be

Sovereign, Whole and Free

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Mountain Range

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