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Your light body is a sacred grid work of light that sits in and around the physical body. It is your connection to your spiritual self in the higher realms. Your light body is unique to you and contains codes and colour which hold the essence of your soul.


It takes an enormous amount of energy to stay unconscious and forget that we are aspects of God. This process creates uncomfortable symptoms as during this time of planetary ascension our bodies are absorbing more Light which then assists in releasing separation energies, (which are all the limiting beliefs and programs that have created a ‘them and us’ attitude so prevalent and a sense we somehow need to redeem ourselves to become ‘good’)


That have taught us we are separate from the source of life itself. 


Whatever your beliefs, one fundamental truth is that we are here on Earth to experience this limited reality and to expand God Consciousness,to explore density and duality, and to learn how to transcend these limitations and live from the heart.


This illusion of sparateness is partially created by etheric structures, devices, and programming held in our energy fields. These are all the things your soul agreed to carry into this lifetime to help you play the game of separation and deflect you from knowing the truth of who you are. Now it is time for us to release these structures so we may free up our energy and feel and become lighter. The light body  sessions work to remove these structures and integrate the Higher Light of our Spirit with grace and ease. It aligns the body to work in harmony with our spiritual signature. This work upgrades a person's energy system so they are much more easily able to download information which is relevent to them. It opens the individual to a greater connection to their Higher Self. It allows one to align to a much more graceful flow in life.

The result of all this is that access to the new frequencies coming to the planet becomes smoother and easier. Results vary according to where you are in your ascension process. For some the effects are felt immediately as they are able to break through barriers and open up to theier spiritual insight and intuition. For others the results will not be so apparent until they have done enough of the inner work to integrate their shadows and clear their limiting thoughts and beliefs. Once a certain level is acheived then the light body work will become activated so nothing is lost. In fact having these sessons wherever you are on your path of expansion and liberation will speed up and smooth out the process considerably.


 I work with my team in spirit to assist you to break your vows, etherically remove unneeded devices and  crystals within the etheric field which block the flow of light. All this will free up your individual expression in these changing times.

Once these obstructions are removed and returned to Source (God, Divine Spirit) my team and  I will repair your beautiful light body which is often overloaded and frazzled from all the cosmic light that has been coming into earth since 2012. These descensions of light create the ascension symptoms that can be so uncomfortable. It is like moving into an old house with faulty, damaged wiring and rewiring the house to allow more powerful frequencies of light to come in. In the final session your system is able to receive Light activations that allow you to more easily access your multidimensional nature and activate latent gifts and talents that are ready to come online.


This takes six sessions to complete which allows full integration of the sessions very gracefully and easily. 


Results will depend on the individual and may take a few weeks or months to integrate. Over time you will notice you feel different as these six initial sessions create the space for more of your soul’s light to embody into physical form.

It will help you feel more connected to your inner wisdom and higher guidance and in doing so raise your consciousness to level of awareness where you start to remember why you are here and feel a deeper connection to God. You will feel more whole and aligned which will accelerate your path of growth more smoothly, gracefully, and easily.


The cost of each session is £150 GBP to be paid in advance. (Approximately $202 USD)

Six sessions paid in advance £750 GBP (Approximately $1013 USD)

Please check conversion rate before making any payment


All sessions take place on  zoom  which allows me to connect across all time zones.

All energy healings and transmissions transcend time and space so all you need to do is be open to receive.

Once these sessions have been completed I offer advanced techniques to assist you on your path of ascension amd evolution. 


I understand if you are new to some of these concepts you may have more questions so if you feel you would like more information please contact me  and we can arrange a time for a FREE chat to see if this work is for you.

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