My experience doing light body sessions with Karen was amazing. In one sense, it was very subtle and low key and the next very expansive. Karen's love and compassion exudes throughout each session to help explain the work she is doing as well as encourage you where you need it. Since my sessions with Karen, I have increased my confidence and released many fears as I have started to open up more to my gifts and talents. I LOVED my sessions with Karen and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Vicki  United States


Thank you so much for today...I love the work you do it is truly inspirational and life changing...can’t get better than that really......

Sabrina Rowan Hamilton  UK

Karen created a beautiful calming and safe environment so that I relaxed very quickly into the session. Working with the Divine Healing, her intuitive gifts and strong energetic connection enabled us to access very quickly deep core issues and she brought forward great clarity and understanding for me so that the healing shifts and insights were very powerful and transformative and will help me going forward. Thank you Karen!

Sarah UK

I had a Divine Healing session with Karen today, which was brilliant. Without very much input on my part, she was able to find and clear subconscious blockages that have been present throughout my entire life. Many of them revolved around guilt and the need to feel accepted. She also tapped into fear-based beliefs that were hindering my evolution and as a result I am now feeling a huge sense of freedom. My mind is more organised. Immediately I was able to recognise where I was holding myself back and how my conditioning was affecting my present life and my behaviour. I now feel that I am balanced and understand myself a bit more and ready to face any challenges ahead! I cannot thank you enough Karen! 

Risha UK

I have had several sessions with Karen Sophia and have enjoyed and benefited from each of them in many ways. Karen Sophia is a natural when she connects with spirit. She receives a great amount of information and is able to deliver it to you with all her love, understanding and compassion.

After each session with her I felt very connected, grounded and expanded in my understanding of what the next steps in my life would bring me. During her sessions I always felt safe, joyful and well guided. I would recommend anyone looking for inspiration, healing or guidance to connect with her. Without a doubt. She is really a beautiful human being and a talented therapist. 

Cristina New Zealand


My cat was attacked by foxes and it took him several days to return home, by the time he reached home, he was literally being eaten alive by maggots and had lost a lot of weight and blood.  The vet didn’t have any hope for him at all and didn’t expect him to make it through the night let alone make a full recovery. I contacted Karen to do some bio energy work on him and Karen worked through that Friday evening on him and also on that Sunday, healing him, clearing him, balancing him, holding a very safe and grounded space for him while I pulled out all the remaining maggots the vets were unable to get as they had buried deep within him and I waited for them to surface for air.  I eventually went to bed and when I woke up the next morning my cat was alert, talking and eating.  My cat made a full and complete recovery and in less than a week, all his open and deep wounds had fully healed, closed over and reduced dramatically in size. Never underestimate the power of Karen’s ability to heal anything she puts her mind to.  Karen is always in her flow following her intuitive signature. My cat wouldn’t have made it had it not been for Karen’s healing powers. Her gift of life is priceless.

Liana A Ray UK


A couple of years ago I happened to come across a friends' post who mentioned Karen. Feeling drawn to find out more, I did and have never looked back as they say! A true Angel with a glowing soul, Karen is empathetic and so easy to connect with. I have full faith and trust in her and although some of the modalities you may not understand, if you have an inclining do not hesitate to make contact. You will amaze yourself at how life can change and how much deeper you can go especially with Karen guiding you through.

Jat UK


Karen has done some amazing work with me over the last 18 months. I have discovered parts of myself that I didn't know existed. I feel more of a connection to everything, oneness with nature and the universe. She has helped me to recognise my talents, helped me to clear energy which has had a significant impact on my working and family life. I have a feeling of clarity and I'm beginning to make sense of my life. The healing work has been revealing and amazing. I'm truly grateful to Karen for her wonderful grounding, generous and wise nature. She is an amazing healer, teacher and person. Thank you Karen

Robyn UK

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